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A nation's leader should always put their nation and its people first. No leader from any nation should ever put their people or nation last. That makes for a poor leader, a disenfranchised people, and a weak nation. 

-Ronald Brough


Protect and Defend: 

I will defend and protect the unborn and every law-abiding citizen's right to own a firearm, from the 2nd Amendment to Article 1, Section 4 of the Ohio State Constitution. As a responsible firearm owner, it is your duty to know proper firearm processes and safety. 


Ohio needs to have a diverse economy from shipping on the Great Lakes and transporting the goods to the rest of the country. It's great that Ohio is working to become the tech state of the Midwest; we need to have more than only one type of industry in our State. 

Every business is essential, from the fortune 500 company to the mom-and-pop business in our towns and cities. Ohio needs to work for all businesses the same, and adjust taxes to make it easier for them to grow to reinvest in their businesses.


Ohio school systems need to meet the needs of the children. Our children should be ready to face the world. In order to do this, we need the education system to work for them. As I meet people, I ask, "What do you wish they would have taught you in school?" The answer is always finance and taxes. 
Ohio schools need to get back to teaching the 3Rs with a real-life understanding of why these classes are important. STEM and vocational education need to be a focus to help the student find their God-given potential. These are a few keys to building a stronger Ohio.
​Ohio also needs to embrace school choice. Every child has the ability to learn no matter their zip code. The problem is not every family has the ability to move from their location. If the child can get a 3.7 GPA, they should have the right to move to a different school to reach their God-given potential.  


Keeping the forest strong and growing is one of the best ways to fight carbon dioxide. Trees are at the very heart of stopping erosion and lowering temperatures.  The State needs to clean the waterways to help with flooding, enlarge the shoreline, and build break walls to protect Lake Eire and the rivers that flow through Ohio.

Holding Government Accountable:

There are two laws I want to pass while in Columbus. The first bill is if you are an elected official you can not hold a board seat in an organization. The second is all lobbyists must go in front of a panel of 3 House members, 3 Senate members, and the Lieutenant Governor. The meeting must be on TV and online. If the panel agrees to the lobbyists' request, then one member from each chamber will read the request to their respective chambers and the body will vote Yes or No to make it a bill. If a Lobbyist bribes an official, then both must pay that amount into the State’s rainy day fund and go to jail. When they get out, they can not have anything to do with the state government.

Law Enforcement:

We need to make sure that the men and women that protect us from the criminals of our state have the backing of all government agencies.  Our Law Enforcement needs to be trained, paid, and equipped to serve and protect us.   


With the loss of the population in Ohio, now is the time to look at adjusting our taxes and repealing R.I.T.A and the C.A.T tax.  Ohio needs to look more to the states where the companies and people are running to.  Ohio needs to be the leader in the area and not a follower.   The more freedoms companies and people have with their income the more revenue the state will receive.  We need to also protect the rights of the senior citizens of Ohio and their homes.  If Ohio residents have been in their homes for 10 years before retirement and reached the age of 70 the state should cut their property tax or eliminate it altogether.

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