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Who is Ron Brough? Just one of the common men trying to do right.

I moved to Ohio in 1995 to help take care of my grandparents.  I married in 1998 and moved to Mayfield Heights in 2002.  

Just like so many others, I also have seen jobs leave because the company moved out of Ohio or because of the reorganization of the company.  Too many businesses and people are leaving Cuyahoga County bringing changes to our area that are not good.  

Now that so many people have moved out of Ohio, the state has lost a United States House of Representatives seat, one of seven states in the last Census to do so.  Many of these people and businesses moved to Florida, Texas, or other locations for better opportunities.   

Working with my Church and other groups I have seen the need of the local people and how we need a change in Cuyahoga County and Ohio as a whole.  We keep trying the same old ideas and it is time to look for better ways to fix the problems of Ohio and our families. 

​It will take a new mindset in the Ohio government to help turn this state around.  We can't keep taxing our way into personal wealth; it doesn't work.  

Many families in Cuyahoga County and throughout Ohio sit around their kitchen tables trying to balance their bills and their net income doesn't cover the cost of living.     

​More taxes are not the way to fix the problems that trouble our families and communities. The solution is for individuals to work to meet their needs with a limited government and a stronger economy.   Every job is essential to someone and their family, not to mention the economy and the government as a whole.

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The people that reached the top of their profession didn't get there by letting their failures keep them down.  They use those failures as a learning expectance to try a different way. 

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